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Imma artist boi.
Go check out my twitter if you want regular updates, etc. I'm mainly using NG to host HD nsfw content. I also have a DA but that's just a lesser version of NG

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Posted by ZeparTheSinful - March 23rd, 2019


I've got a patreon! Ever since patreon decided to Fuck over creators with it's newest planned update I made one. Right now there's not much you can get, Only access to sketches, and psd files. But eventually when I open commissions and the like there will be some good benefits.

Posted by ZeparTheSinful - March 18th, 2019

Would any of you want commissions?

Posted by ZeparTheSinful - March 18th, 2019

for those who don't know, I try to make some speedpaints of my more sfw artworks, and upload them to my youtube channel.


Posted by ZeparTheSinful - March 17th, 2019

I was deep diving into my OC's and it's kinda interesting, TBH. Lucy the one with the blue hair, Loves to have sex, But due to some circumstances(That I might go into later) she is very shy when it comes to relationships. So she can be a sex fiend, while also, being a shy quiet girl. And it kinda shows my biases. Lucy exists as a sex object (so far) And thus she can be any fantasy I want, a shy and quiet nympho, or with my new character, A hot and bubbly weeb. My newest character is a shut in otaku...that has perfect skin, a toned body, and nice tits. And it highlights an interesting "problem" that my characters are less...characters are more so objects. I'm fine with this revelation, I mean all the mean so far have been literally faceless, I just thought it was an interesting dive into psychology.

Posted by ZeparTheSinful - March 16th, 2019

I've been deleting a lot of my pieces recently, I'll get half way through and just hate the piece. Sorry for no updates, I know I have a very tiny audience, But I should still update regularly.

Posted by ZeparTheSinful - March 10th, 2019

Right now I've kinda hit a roadblock in my art. Kinda ironic since my art is shite, but who knows. On one hand I can keep drawing big-tiddied anime girls and feel adequate enough.

On the other hand I could draw and improve my perspective, anatomy, scene comp, and landscaping. But whenever I work on the shit I'm bad at I start to hate my art and myself. So it's a balancing act, of improvement without falling into the abyss. I really just needed to vent, and explain why I haven't been updating.

Posted by ZeparTheSinful - February 22nd, 2019

My first post